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NPCL Mutual Insurance Company
205 10th Avenue NE
New Prague, MN 56071

Phone: 952-758-5964
Fax: 952-758-6958

  Office Hours
Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Coverage Area (Click to Enlarge)
NPCL Mutual Coverage Area - Minnesota County Map

At NPCL we strive to provide the most useful and most sought after insurance products to meet the needs of residents and farmers in our Southern MN service area. As a township mutual insurance company, we carefully listen to our policyholders, incorporating their influence into our daily operations and future planning.

NPCL Partners with:

Originally developed to serve the insurance needs of our founders (which were farmers) NPCL Mutual continually works to meet the adapting needs of these individuals as well as the evolving needs of our communities. In doing so we have added to our insurance products, meeting the needs of the growing residential sectors, and now insure just as many homes (single-family and town homes) as we do farms. Currently our insurance products/services include:
NPCL Mutual Insurance Company has served generations of policyholders, and family members of original policyholders still continue to insure their most important assets, their homes and farms with us. Become part of our family, contact one of our knowledgeable and friendly agents today for a free insurance quote.

Farm Insurance – Insuring Your Livelihood… Insuring Your Farm
Farming is far more than outbuildings, acres of cropland and animals. It is a business, a livelihood, a heritage and at times defines who you are; because of this we offer comprehensive Farm Insurance. Whether yours is a small family farm or a large commercial dairy operation, the agents at NPCL Mutual possess the tools, experience and knowledge required to develop a complete and all inclusive farm insurance policy to cover your property and assets against the perils of wind, hail and fire.

Dating back to 1882, NPCL Mutual has and continues to be an insurance company based around farmers and the agricultural community. Our agents work with, live next to you and occasionally are farmers themselves. They understand the importance of proper farm coverage, which is why they listen and perform in-depth research that allows them to develop an effective, yet flexible policy to cover your specific farming operation.
  • Livestock / Grain
  • Outbuildings & Structures
  • Personal Property
  • Residence

As Minnesota residents ourselves, we know how susceptible your farming operation is to the state’s unpredictable natural disasters - baseball sized hail and tornado strength winds - for these reasons and many more, we recommend a strong risk management plan. A farm insurance policy developed by one of NPCL Mutual’s agents is your most insightful defense against unforeseen damage, loss or disaster. Contact an agent to review or update your existing policy or to prepare a quote today.

Machinery & Equipment Insurance – Insuring Your Equipment
To a farmer a piece of machinery is more than just metal, wheels and gears; it is an asset assisting in planting, harvesting, and turning a profit. Today’s technologically advanced farming machinery is exceptionally useful, but can also be exceptionally expensive to repair or replace. That’s why we offer affordable machinery and equipment insurance – we’re in the business of keeping your operation moving.

Homeowners Insurance - Your Value, Your Home
Your home is your escape from the stresses of life, it’s where you raise your family, where you enjoy meals and make memories. NPCL agents understand that your home isn’t just about the roof, the walls and the windows; it’s also about what you fill your home with, your possessions. Because of this understanding we prepare and establish Homeowners Insurance policies that include the structure, property, and personal possessions.

At NPCL Mutual Insurance Company we insure more than your traditional, detached, single-family homes. We provide Homeowners Insurance on a wide variety of home structures, including:

  • Single Family Homes
  • Townhomes / Condos
  • Cabins
  • Seasonal Homes
  • Trailer Homes
  • Apartments (Renters Insurance)
  • Etc.
With our competitive rates, comprehensive coverage and loyal agents, you can feel safe and secure with a Homeowners Insurance policy from NPCL Mutual.
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