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NPCL Mutual Insurance Company

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Providing Only the Best

Since 1882 NPCL Mutual Insurance Company has an ever-growing history dating back to 1882. Starting out as three separate mutual insurance companies, we’ve come together to provide only the best for our policyholders.

Growing Our Territory

From those early days of inception, our unwavering commitment to excellence has been the cornerstone of our evolution. Through the years, we have honed our expertise and expanded our horizons. As time passed, mergers took place to better help our members as populations in our territories grew.

Ever-Evolving Services

Through mergers and transformations, our goal has remained unaltered: to deliver exceptional insurance services and products that surpass expectations and cater to the ever-evolving needs of our valued policyholders.

Office Administration and Directors

Carol Weiers, Manager
Katie Angrimson, Administrative Assistant
Roger Smisek, Solid Fuel Inspector
Richard Coleman, Board President
Roger Smisek, Vice President

Carol Jean Bauer, Secretary
Ken Malecha, Treasurer
Terry Maas, Director
Dan Schmidt, Director
Charlie Sticha, Director

Original Companies
Merger Timeline

Founded 1882

New Prague Mutual

Founded 1882

Founded 1885

Louisville Mutual

Founded 1885

Founded 1890

Ceska Mutual

Founded 1890

An Ever-Growing History

New Prague Mutual Emerges

Before the era of mergers, company name additions, and the technological advancements of the internet and cell phones, our sole identity was New Prague Mutual Insurance. Established in 1882, New Prague Mutual emerged in response to the unmet insurance needs of farmers who couldn't find coverage elsewhere.

Local Farmers Coming Together

At the time, big city insurance companies lacked knowledge about farming and rural Minnesota. Reluctant to insure an industry that was still in its developmental stages, filled with risks, and distant from their home offices, these companies turned away from this growing sector. In response, local farmers came together, forming their own insurance companies and giving rise to the concept of township mutual insurance.

Service Area Encompassing 11 Counties

Over the years, New Prague Mutual has expanded its horizons, introducing new insurance products, engaging in mergers with other mutuals, and extending its service area to encompass 11 counties. Currently we insure just as many homes in the surrounding communities as farms, including town homes, single-family homes, businesses, hobby farms and of course fully operational farms.

Our Commitment to Excellence

For more than 140 years since our founding, our status as a member-owned company remains unchanged.

We are governed by a Board of Directors elected by our members.

Our Board of Directors selects officers and employs a manager to oversee the day-to-day operations.

We offer clients a hometown spirit and customized services that are unparalleled by large national insurance providers.

A retired husband and wife signing a form.

Our agents are not just professionals; they are your neighbors and friends.

Our office is conveniently located nearby, rather than in a distant suite of offices out of state. Moreover, our insurance products are meticulously developed and targeted to meet the specific needs of rural Minnesota, ensuring that our coverage aligns with the unique requirements of our community.

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